Relational Somatic Therapy

The foundation of my approach to counselling.

Relational somatic therapy is a breakthrough approach to healing trauma that combines the latest research in neuroscience, attachment theory and trauma resolution where the body is at the center of the therapy process.

The word 'soma' refers to the body experienced from within. By observing and tracking present moment sensations, images, movement impulses and perceptions of our inner world, accompanied by the safe and caring presence of the therapist, innate healing is awakened and accessed. This begins to allow elements of trauma to resolve and vitality to be restored.

Trauma occurs when an experience or an accumulation of experiences are too overwhelming and in effect 'too much' for a person to integrate. In the body's inherent wisdom, this high charge of energy can get stored in the body and nervous system. When activated or awoken, it can cause pain and suffering in different ways, affecting our emotional, physical, mental, relational, sexual or spiritual wellbeing.

"We cannot change what happened but we can change how the body holds it."
- Mariah Moser

Relational somatic therapy offers a steady process to build and deepen your sense of safety and connection, with techniques that support the body and the nervous system to integrate past experiences. Through the process, areas where we feel stuck can begin to soften, places of freeze and shut down can begin to mobilize, measures of calm and safety can be brought to patterns of fear and activation, and increased connection can begin to restore areas of dissociation and isolation.

"The body is the primary source of information and energy for living with wellness, connection and interconnection" - Sharon Stanley


Individual Counselling


Counselling rates are $120/hr.
Sessions are in person, and online when necessary.

I am an approved provider through the Crimes Victims Assistance Program (CVAP) as well as some extended health plans.

I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation which allows you to determine if I might be the right fit for you. It also allows me to ensure that I am able to support your needs.