Conscious Connected Breathwork

Conscious connected breathwork is a powerful practise for elevating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, accessing higher states of consciousness and increasing life source energy.

When we breathe consciously, we bring present moment awareness to the breath and to the felt sense of the body. When we breathe continuously, without pause or gap between inbreath and outbreath, we bring intention to receive the breath fully and to let go of the breath fully. This opens ourselves to the primary source of life energy.

"When we change our breathing patterns, we change our life." - Judith Kravitz

Many of us have restrictive breathing patterns that inhibit our full vitality. Our breathing patterns reveal our unconscious relationship with life. Breathwork pioneer, Judith Kravitz tells us how we may have unconscious or conscious beliefs around not being worthy to take in the good in life, or, beliefs that it is not safe to let go. We may resist a full inbreath or unconsciously hold on to the outbreath.

Conscious, connected breathwork is an integrative medicine that:

  • regulates the nervous system
  • enhances the flow of organized life intelligence throughout the mind/body
  • clears subconscious material of the past from the mind/body
  • cultivates a high vibrational frequency and higher states of consciousness
  • maintains vibrant health, mental clarity and coherence between the brain and the heart

Facilitated Breathwork


Breathwork, when facilitated in an individual session, offers a safe, supportive container to explore, and come into a deeper relationship, with your breath.

As an experienced facilitator, I offer a safe, supportive and sacred container. I honour each person's individual and unique process. Gentleness, pace and compassion are central. With direction, I guide you into continuous and conscious breath and into a flowing and uninhibited breathing pattern. With attunement, I offer techniques that invite you to allow and soften your conscious connected breath which supports you in clearing, releasing, and integrating holding patterns in the body, old stored emotions, mental blocks, and nervous system states.

"In Breathwork the Spirit that initiates, teaches and purifies, the personality is the breath."- Joy Manne

Each session includes intentional music, affirmations, and can include toning, sounding, energy work and bodywork. With skillfulness and care, and, with your clear and explicit consent, I offer deliberate contact with the body in order for you to establish a deeper connection to the breath and to direct the breath to different areas of the body. When we can gently collaborate with the breath by way of surrendering and softening into a relaxed breathing pattern, it is the breath, - the greatest life force energy - , and our connection to it, that supports us to resolve held emotions and outdated belief systems.

I hold Level 1 and Level 2 training in Breathwave Breathwork Facilitation, and am currently in progress to acquire International Certification as a Breathwork Facilitator.

Individual breathwork sessions are 90 minutes in length, $150 per session.